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The Full Story


We are British Columbians, we are family men, and we love good banter.  We are also master barbers and what we do is provide a first rate haircut at a reasonable price.  We do that by combining expedience, convenience, and experience so that you, our valued customer and fellows can “enjoy” rather than “endure” the process of maintaining your outward appearance.  In order to provide such a service we are dedicated to maintaining this website as a portal to our relationship with you.  On this site you will find the navigation tools to understand our services, book appointments and hopefully to enjoy our views on this mad mad world. 


Our mission is to provide to each and every person who sits in our chair a masterful haircut. It is as simple as that, but with all things simple, the devil is in the details and it is our mission to attend to every detail in the process of maintaining your hair to the highest of standards.  From booking your appointment, and arriving at our door, from deciding what kind of haircut you want and what suits your features, to that final look in the mirror on your way out the door, our mission is to make sure that those details, that process, all of it just “flows.”


The flow. That is our vision. Every head is unique, the pattern of each follicle as it spirals out of the pate flows differently. Some heads have a natural part, some have two. Some heads have as many as four cow licks, some have none. But whatever features a head has, what every head has in common is that each one has its own natural flow. The way your hair sits on your head and signals to the world that the person underneath that flow is healthy and whole. It’s our job to find that flow for you with you. To do that we envision a barbershop that is a micro community, an oasis in the turbulent world we all navigate. A place where everyone knows your name and is glad to see you. A place where the details just flow.

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